Ecstasy (MDMA)

Ecstasy (3-4-methylendioxy-N-methamphetamine or MDMA)  is a chemical cousin to methamphetamine and  a psychedelic amphetamine with both hallucinogenic and stimulant properties.  These effects can last for 3 – 6 hours, however, side effects can last for weeks. 


Ecstasy is usually in tablet form, however it can be in powder form. The tablets come in all colors and have various  logos or images on them. The color and the logo have meaning as to what is in the tablet and the expected intensity of the reaction.  Ecstasy pills may also contain  cocaine, BZP, heroin, LSD or methamphetamine. Users need to know the lingo or jargon that goes along with Ecstasy so they know what they are getting. 


Ecstasy is very popular in Raves and in the Club Scene. Users often believe this drug is harmless, however, there are reported links between Ecstasy use and long-term damage to parts of the brain that are critical for attention, thought, pleasure and memory. 

Ecstasy is known as the Love Drug, Happy Pill, X, or Lover’s Speed. "Molly" is pure MDMA and is a white crystalline powder that is snorted, smoked, injected or put into capsules and ingested. 


Ecstasy creates a heightened sensory awareness with enhanced sense of touch. Like methamphetamine, Ecstasy constricts blood vessels causing the heart rate and body temperature to raise.  Users sweat profusely. They may consume large amounts of water often leading to water-intoxication that may lead to death. Bruxism, grinding of the teeth, is a common side effect of Ecstasy. Lollipops, mouth guards and pacifiers are frequently seen at Raves to help with the jaw clenching and grinding. Ecstasy users are talkative, happy, friendly, have excited speech, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, confusion, sleeping disorders, and paranoia.


Indicators of Ecstasy Use:


• Reduced inhibitions
• Sweating
• Elevated Vitals
• Happy and Friendly
• Continuous Speech
• Tremors
• Heightening of senses
• Nausea & vomiting
• Blurred Vision
• Confusion and delirium
• Paranoia
• Grinding Teeth (Bruxism)

Street Names / Slang Terms Associated with Ecstasy (MDMA): 


X, XTC, Molly, Thizz, Love Drug, Happy Pill, Rolls, Image on Tablet, Wigits, Greenies, Rollin’, Symbol, E, E-bombs, Rainbow Stacks, White Diamonds, Rave, E-tard, E-puddle, Eve, X-ing, Wafers, Rave Energy, Totally Spent, Lover’s Speed, Flipping, Smurfs, Stacks, K-lots

Long Term Effects:


Long-term use can deplete serotonin (a neurotransmitter) and result in mood swings, sleep disorders, altered thought processes, sexual dysfunction and loss of sensitivity to pain. There are a small number of reports of fetal problems, including club foot in females, possible increase in the rate of congenital heart disease, and major defects of the abdominal wall resulting  in infants being born with their intestines outside the abdomen.

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