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Here we remember those whose lives have been directly impacted by drug abuse.  If you would like to tell us your story, contact us!

Kyle Finnell


No family should ever have to face this tragic reality, and EPIC/ACT on Drugs hope to save one amazing, irreplacable, child at a time.



Matthew Lazarus


On January 9 of 2012, I lost my precious 18 year old son, Matthew, to an accidental overdose of heroin and cocaine.  Since that day, I have dedicated my life to EPIC.....Every Person Initiates Change.  My hope is to bring awareness to parents and kids, as well as to provide drug programs for schools to educate not only our children, but staff members as well.  Last year, EPIC was able to raise over $40K for the Douglas County Education Foundation through our first EPIC 5K and Silent Auction.  The money raised has been used to hire additional drug counselors, start sober groups within Douglas County, hold parent educational meetings on the new up and coming drugs, as well as educate the school staff members on signs of potential drug abuse.

I have spent many hours speaking with troubled youth, news stations, and many high schools to share Matt's story...all in hopes of helping our beautiful children find the strength to make healthy choices and know they are important, loved, and certainly not alone.  No family should ever have to face this tragic reality, and my hope is to save one amazing, irreplacable, child at a time.


I appreciate your willingness to help me in my crusade.  Our children are our future, and we need to show them the path to health, happiness, and more than anything, the knowledge that they are truly important and loved.


My warmest gratitude,

Chris Lazarus (Matthew's proud mom) and the proud mother of my beautiful 17 year old son, Paul


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Christopher Dylan Couillard 3/3/96 - 8/3/11


August 3, 2011 the 911 call was made too late.  Chris had already died.  My son was only 15 years old.  Acid/LSD had caused him to spiral in to a spell of excited delirium.  His best friend while restraining him caused him to asphyxiate - he suffocated to death.  The kids thought that dropping acid would cause no harm, least of all, death...more like an experiment, but aren't they all experiments?

Chris would die alone in his basement.  His creative potential frozen forever.  He was just a kid.  He was my son.

He didn't mean to die. 

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