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Lynn Riemer


Lynn Riemer, president of ACT on Drugs, Inc., has a regional and National reputation as a speaker, trainer, and advocate on the issues related to substance abuse. As an experienced chemist and prior member of the North Metro Drug Task Force in Colorado, her experience and engaging style brings a real, personal, and vivid face to the issues presented by illicit drug use.  Lynn speaks regularly with students, community child advocacy groups, industrial and professional groups, and employees of local and State governmental agencies about drug awareness, recognition, and prevention. Her presentations cover all abused-substances, including legal and illegal drugs, plant material, and synthetic "designer drugs". Lynn also targets methamphetamine including information on recognizing in-home clandestine "meth-labs" and discusses the dangers these laboratories present to children living in the homes and the devastating and dangerous effects these "meth-labs" have on the home and the community.


Lynn has co-chaired the Drug Endangered Children program, as well as worked to create new laws protecting children who are living in homes where meth is manufactured. She is a co-author of the book “The Methamphetamine Crisis: Strategies to Save Addicts, Families, and Communities,” and received the Community Champion for Children Award from Adams & Broomfield CASA in 2010. While working with the North Metro Drug Task Force she developed intensive programs used to train emergency and community service workers  in the handling of hazardous waste and the management of clandestine labs. Additionally, she has been a member of governmental committees to create regulations for meth clean up in the state of Colorado.


Lynn has traveled nation-wide and trained over 225,000 people. Audiences have included employees of companies in the oil/gas industries, real estate firms, and the Colorado Association of Realtors. She has also worked with National Jewish Hospital, Children's Hospital of Denver, Kaiser Permanente Pharmacists, EMS World Expo, International Coroner’s and Medical Examiners, the Colorado Department of Human Services and multiple child advocacy groups including several State CASA groups and Foster Parents, National CASA, and Volunteers for Youth Justice. Other audiences have included Probation and Parole Officers, Department of Youth Corrections, the Colorado School Safety Resource Center, Colorado Sheriff’s Association, several Colorado EMS Agencies, Colorado Emergency Planning Commission, and the Fire and Life Safety Educators of Colorado. She has presented drug awareness teaching sessions to elementary, middle-school, high-school students, and school staff in over 70% of the school districts in Colorado. 


Lynn's subject knowledge and experience, along with her ability to transfer this knowledge in a captivating and dynamic manner, make her a sought-after person for educating children, families, and communities on the issues and hazards of illicit drug use and substance abuse.

Michael Corby, MA, LPCC


I am a mental health and substance use therapist currently working at a private practice in Denver, and part time for ACT on Drugs.  I have a bachelor's degree in psychology from The College of Wooster, and a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Western Michigan University.  I have worked as a therapist in several settings since 2010. I have worked for mental health hospitals, inpatient acute detox and high intensity residential substance use programs, and as well as various mental health and substance use outpatient settings. 


The reason a program like ACT on Drugs is so valuable to the community is that it targets a demographic that is so critical in preventing issues with addiction and substance use.  It is interested in being proactive as opposed to reactive. ACT on Drugs takes an effective approach to drug and alcohol education, as it does not make decisions for kids, but rather empowers them to make their own decisions through providing awareness, education, and resources.

Chris Lazarus


On January 9 of 2012, I lost my precious 18 year old son, Matthew, to an accidental overdose of heroin and cocaine. Since that day, I have dedicated my life to EPIC.....Every Person Initiates Change, an organization in his honor.  My hope is to bring awareness to parents and kids, as well as to provide drug programs for schools to educate not only our children, but staff members and parents as well.


I have spent many hours speaking with troubled youth, parents, school staff, and many high schools to share Matt's story...all in hopes of helping our beautiful children find the strength to make healthy choices and know they are important, loved, and certainly not alone. No family should ever have to face this tragic reality, and my hope is to save one amazing, irreplaceable child at a time. Our children are our future, and we need to show them the path to health, happiness, and more than anything, the knowledge that they are truly important and loved.

Samantha Cameron


Samantha Cameron is a recovering Meth addict and has been in recovery treatment for eight years. Samantha has a great deal of personal experience with addiction and is well versed in many forms of treatment. As a strong supporter of drug education, she has spent many years reaching out to kids, parents and communities relating  the  true story of her life spiraling out of control and its effect on everyone who knew and loved her. 


Samantha is happily married with two children and is working on a Bachelor Degree in Human Services with the hope of becoming an addiction counselor.   She is also Co-author of the book "The Methamphetamine Crisis: Strategies to Save Addicts, Families, and Communities” by Greenwood Publishing, November 2006.

Judy Davis


I am a recovered meth addict. I used for 10 years, and have been sober for nine. Using was real easy, and quitting was one of the hardest things I have ever been through. I lost everything, including my children. I spend every day working on sobriety. I have an incredible support system, including my awesome family. I have since become a Registered Psychotherapist and a Certified Addiction Counselor l. I co-facilitate a DUI Education group at a private facility, working mainly with court ordered clients. I volunteer with ACT on Drugs because I feel I owe back to society for the wrongs I have committed. It is also a way to continue my own recovery. I hope that by telling my story I can teach people what it is truly like to be an addict. If I can stop one person from going down this path, or help someone who is on it, then it’s all been worth it.

Rhonda Zeller


I am the parent of a Meth addict. Addiction has no boundaries, and can affect anyone. I choose to work with ACT on Drugs because I support the work they do.  Training and educating youth about substances and the effect they have on users and families, is a key step in prevention. By sharing my story from a parents view, I hopefully can educate others on the effects substance abuse has on those surrounded by the user/addict; Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers, etc.    With the education that ACT on Drugs performs and the individuals that speak from personal experience, if even one person has the information they need to make the right decision, this work is invaluable.

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