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Here's what people are saying about ACT on Drugs presentations:

"I am so glad you came, not for me but for my friend. The program you gave made her think and she realized that just because she hit a bad spot in life does not mean she needs drugs. She told me the night you came she hated life so much she was going to take some prescription drugs her parents had. She did not take them because of your program. Thank you so much, because of your program she is still alive and getting her life back on track. Thank you so very much." Student Parachute, CO

"Thank you so much for coming to talk to us. It really opened my eyes. Before I didn't really think about the consequences of doing drugs and drinking alcohol. All I knew was that it helped me feel happy and forget for a minute. Now I see that life can be better and that I don't need those things. Thank you for helping me see that. You have changed my life." Student Legacy HS

"I wanted to let you know that the drug presentation program was the best drug awareness assembly I have ever attended. This program impacted me by showing the effects of all drugs. Since this program I have been talking with my  friends more of the importance of not doing drugs. I believe drug prevention is necessary so you never get addicted in the first place. All of my friends now are making better decisions since the program. So I just wanted to say the drug prevention program was very helpful and thank you."  Student Mead HS

"Lynn Riemer, and her presentation relating to avoiding drug uses has been an integral part of the counseling curriculum for 8th grade students.


All 8th grade students have received this lesson every year for the past 10 years. Lynn makes a great connection with adolescence and the students are engaged in her presentation and are always attentive and focused to the information that she passes on.

I am confident that these annual presentations have positively influenced the future decisions of many of the young adults that leave Westlake Middle school and enter a harsh world of temptations in high school, college and later on in their lives." Danny L. Austin, School Counselor, Westlake Middle School

"Your time here really helped educate me more about drugs. I have always thought I would go down that path, and now I know for sure I won't. Bringing Nathan and Heather also really helped. It made drugs seem so much more real. Anymore kids my age don't take the risks seriously. I know this personally. My boyfriends brother passed away last year from a drug overdose. I hope people learn more from you so we can prevent the deaths of teens. Thank you!" Student, Horizon HS

"Thank you for coming in. I have learned a great amount from you. I have a soccer career that is likely to go to college and I was considering drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. Thanks to you I'm going to be a far better person and an athlete because of what you have told me. I wish I could find you 10 years from now and tell you how I'm doing because you care and talked to me. Thanks!" Student Mountain Range HS

"Lynn recently gave an outstanding presentation to our students. It was done in a highly informative way, and our students were engaged throughout the presentation. It wasn't judgmental, but presented the facts and risks in a memorable way. I had asked her to focus particularly on heroin and marijuana edibles, and she had great information about both. Students talked about the presentation for some time afterwards.


After school, Lynn held an informal session with our staff. She passed around samples of various substances and paraphernalia, and shared current trends she was aware of with which communities are struggling. It was a great opportunity for staff to get answers to questions they had.


Substance abuse is a complex issue with no easy solutions. But access to current, accurate information for both students and staff is an important tool in addressing this challenge. " Dirk Oden, Director, Byron Syring Delta Center (an alternative school serving highly at-risk students)

“Thank you very much for coming to our class to tell us about drugs. You taught me a lot about drugs. I used to smoke a lot of Marijuana and after your talk I never want to touch it again. I thank you a lot because I needed confidence from someone to get on track to a better road. I will remember you for a long time. You are amazing, so keep up the good work. Thank you!” Student  Horizon High School

“Thank you so much for visiting our classroom. Your presentation really got me to think. I never knew that drugs could have such a big affect on a person’s life. This experience has really taught me a lot. I will definitely be way more careful. Meeting you has really been life changing. Thanks so much.” Student Northglenn High School,  Northglenn  CO

“To be completely honest, I wasn’t looking forward to seeing you, but when I came in and saw all the facts and information, it stunned me! I used to smoke weed all the time before your presentation and you are the one who helped me get the courage to stop! I’m a really good football player and knowing that I could mess up my whole life by just getting caught selling it really knocked the sense into me. So I really want to thank you and tell you what an impact just a presentation has on kids! So keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to a great sober life! J Student Erie High School, Erie CO

“As the Executive Director for a prevention-based youth developmental agency, I have the pleasure of working collaboratively with over forty Eagle County agencies to serve youth and families in our community with a focus on substance use prevention and reduction. For the past three years, we have benefitted from Lynn Riemer's ACT on Drugs presentations in the Eagle River Valley.

As a community, we have benefitted from education surrounding new substances that we might soon be exposed to. As a rural community, we often experience a lapse in when specific substances reach our area, and Ms. Riemer has helped prepare us for what to expect and has delivered mechanisms to prevent and deter substances. Ms. Riemer's Eagle County presentations have been praised for her bottom line message; while she does not preach "Don't do drugs," or, "Drugs are bad," the primary message is to learn about consequences of drug use and to utilize that education to make smart, informed decisions.

During the past three years that ACT on Drugs has been presented to Eagle County teens, we have recognized a 10% reduction in current (past 30 day) alcohol consumption among high school students, as measured through the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey. Additionally, binge drinking rates have reduced by 8% among Eagle County high school students.

Upon being exposed to ACT on Drugs in Eagle County for the past three years as both an attendee and community liaison, I would strongly recommend the program to any community seeking to educate teens or adults on substance use issues, with an ultimate goal of reducing substance use. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding my experience with Ms. Riemer and the ACT on Drugs program.” Michelle Stecher Executive Director, Eagle River Youth Coalition

"Thank you so much for all the information you shared. I really learned a lot from your presentation. I will definately take away all this stuff and tips for my future. Just three days of solid information and encouragement may influence and change some of our lives. I appreciate it. By the way, even though it was about drugs, it was probably the best presentation I've seen in my life, and it will be useful and helpful. Lastly, I just really want Nathan to know how hard it must have been to stop drugs and what a good job he did. That is a really inspiring story. Thank you again for everything and your honesty." Student Legacy HS

“The illegal use of controlled substances by our youth is enormous and may be the most serious problem in our society.  Education gives our youth the best hope for avoiding the ruination of their lives.  Lynn Riemer knows about controlled substances and the effect they have on our youth and gives a presentation that is so powerful that it will stay with a person long after her presentation has concluded.  I would recommend her presentation to any group, whether kindergarteners or adults.” Cal Rerucha, Carbon County & Prosecuting Attorney, Wyoming

“The training provided by ACT on Drugs left a mark across Garfield County... it gave us all the tools to make better choices, understand better those caught-up in addiction, protect ourselves while responding to incidents involving drugs and provided factual information to educate our youth.  The positive comments by the public, school staff and students have not stopped, the drug training made a definite impact on our communities.” Lou Vallario, Garfield County Sheriff

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