Training DVDs have been created to raise money to provide more Drug Education trainings in schools. We are requesting a $25 donation per disk.

Three disks are available:


Disk 1: The Brain, New trends in Alcohol Abuse, Marijuana and Synthetic Pot


Disk 2: The Brain, Heroin and Prescription Opiates, Cocaine and Methamphetamine


Disk 3: Club Drugs (Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine, LSD), Designer Drugs & Hallucinogenic Plants, OTC (Over the Counter) Substances - Inhalants, Cold Medication


Each DVD presentation is 30-45 minutes in length and focus on the drug, medical effects, and effects on the fetus, newborn, and infants. The disks are designed for anyone working with the general public and provide information on what the drugs look like, how long they stay in the system, indicators of someone under the influence, etc.All DVDs have stories of recovered addicts intertwined in the presentations.

For more information, please contact Lynn Riemer at trainings@actondrugs,org

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