The teaching sessions may focus on a drug or several drugs that are readily available and commonly used in the local community. The technical level of the presentations vary to meet the needs of the audience, whether they are EMT’s, nurses, physicians or others. Presentations will include information regarding:

  • Physiology of addiction
  • Identifying substances of abuse and drug packaging
  • Indicators of drug use
  • Routes of administration
  • Onset and duration of drug-induced effects
  • Acute intoxication and toxidromes
  • Medical consequences: short-term and long-term
  • Fetal damage resulting from maternal exposure to drugs
A comprehensive handout accompanies each PowerPoint presentation. The information presented in the sessions is regularly updated to include recent information on the long-term effects and medical consequences of the use and abuse of the substances discussed in the presentation. 
Prior to scheduling a presentation, Act on Drugs will solicit input from the organizers and tailor the presentation to meet the requests of the audience.

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