Realtors must be aware of the issues related to selling, renting or leasing methamphetamine-contaminated property. The training sessions designed for realtors include:

  • Information on methamphetamine use and addiction
  • Information on contamination resulting from the use and/or the production of methamphetamine
  • Recognizing clandestine meth labs
  • Review of the guidelines for decontamination and responsibilities of the realtor



Methampeatamine stimulates the central nervous system, constricts blood vessels, dilates the pupils and increases body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. The user is put in a state of constant fight or flight, making dealing with someone high on meth very dangerous. One hit of meth can keep the user high for 12 to 24 hours. Effects of the drug are increased self-esteem, talkativeness, decreased appetite, dilated pupils, increased irritability, aggressive, violence, bizarre behavior, tremors and paranoia.

Meth can be a white powder or in crystalline form (ice). It can come in many colors depending on how it is being manufactured; it can also look like peanut butter. The majority of the meth in the US comes from Mexico, but there are many personal-use clandestine meth labs in operation.

Recognizing CLandestine Home-Meth labs

Clandestine methamphetamine labs are a problem that affect home buyers and realtors. These labs create toxic, deadly gases that permeate and contaminate homes. Studies conducted by National Jewish Hospital have also shown that smoking methamphetamine can contaminate a home. The contamination left behind from the manufacture and use of methamphetamine is a very real problem for everyone who deals with the rental or sale of residential or commercial property. Realtors, property managers, maintenance workers, cleaning personnel, utility and cable providers and anyone else that enters meth-contaminated homes are personally at risk. As a result many states have implemented cleanup guidelines or regulations for labs and are adopting disclosure laws for the sale or lease or property.

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